Mr. Alain Charpentier
Director, Community Services
La Cité collégiale


La Cité collégiale is Canada’s largest French-language college of applied arts and technology outside of the province of Québec. It contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of Ontario’s French-speaking communities by offering career-oriented education and training. About 85 programs are tailored to – and regularly updated to meet – regional and provincial employment needs in six different sectors: Administration; Hotel Business and Tourism; Trades; Arts, Media and Communications; Health; and, Community Services. About 93% of La Cité collégiale’s students, most of them bilingual, obtain employment within six months after graduation.

Located in Ottawa, La Cité collégiale was founded in 1990 to meet an ever-increasing demand for French-language studies. In addition to recruiting regionally and provincially, the college also attracts students from across Canada and around the world.


  • Student population: 3,600 full-time students
  • Programs: 85
  • Field placements: The majority of students require criminal background checks to meet pre-employment screening requirements


Field placements are an integral component of La Cité collégiale’s programs, providing students with hands-on training to complement their studies while enhancing their opportunities to obtain employment upon graduation. To meet the hiring requirements of employers and field placement agents, students wanting to work in the vulnerable sector are subject to pre-employment screening requirements such as criminal records checks before they can begin their field placements.

Alain Charpentier, Director of Community Services, says, “Recognizing that many of our students were experiencing delays or difficulties, La Cité collégiale began to explore options to support or manage some of the pre-employment screening requirements on our students’ behalf.”

In October 2008, La Cité collégiale contacted Commissionaires to enquire about its range of private security services. In addition to providing a full range of Enforcement, Training and Security Solutions, Commissionaires also offers Identification Services which include police clearances (CPIC), digital fingerprinting, traditional “ink and roll” fingerprinting, and pardon services. La Cité collégiale learned that Commissionaires is accredited by the RCMP and recognized by local police departments and the Government of Canada.

La Cité collégiale’s deadline posed a major challenge. With field placements for about 80 students scheduled to begin the following week, the college was quickly running out of time. In addition, La Cité collégiale requested that the ID Services should ideally be offered in French.


For the convenience of students and to help expedite the process, Commissionaires offered a mobile service – transporting its state-of-the-art ID Services equipment and setting up a table in a confidential setting on La Cité collégiale’s campus.

Commissionaires assigned a fluently bilingual specialist who was able to process most of the students’ police clearances, fingerprinting and other ID Services requests in one business day. In the days that followed, students who had not yet been processed could present themselves to any one of three Commissionaires’ locations in the National Capital Region.

As a direct result of its credibility in the industry and excellent rapport with the CPIC processing centre in Prince Edward Island, Commissionaires was successful at facilitating the process from start to finish. Not only did Commissionaires meet the deadline, but it hand-delivered the police clearance certificates to La Cité collégiale two business days ahead of schedule.

Requests for fingerprints and other ID Services were also addressed quickly and efficiently. This was made possible because Commissionaires’ digital fingerprinting technology is securely and directly linked to the RCMP’s National Police Services Network – a straightforward process that takes but a few business days to complete.

With the required paperwork in hand, La Cité collégiale’s students were able to proceed with their field placements. Mr. Charpentier says, “The level of service we received was exceptional. We were grateful that Commissionaires could accommodate us at such short notice and still meet our tight deadline.”


Since that initial service offering, La Cité collégiale has continued to direct its students to Commissionaires for their police clearance, fingerprinting and other ID Services needs. La Cité collégiale has also approached Commissionaires to discuss its future needs for ID Services on an annual basis.

Mr. Charpentier says, “We are impressed by their ID Services’ technologies and processes – especially their willingness to bring their service to our campus. We look forward to growing our working relationship with Commissionaires.”