Richard Jasieniuk
Public Safety and Risk
Saskatoon Airport Authority


No two clients, or their security challenges, are identical. Clients deserve security solutions tailored to their specific needs and unique circumstances. And that’s what Commissionaires delivers, every day, across Canada.

In 1999, the Saskatoon Airport Authority (SAA) took over the management of the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport from Transport Canada. Airports present diverse and complex security challenges. And the Diefenbaker Airport in Saskatoon is certainly no exception. With 1.4 million passengers arriving and departing every year, and in the midst of a major construction project, security in and around the airport is a mission-critical function for the SAA.


  • Annual passengers: 1.4 million
  • Terminal: 140,000 m2


Airport security has always been important, but no more so than in recent years. All stakeholders, including the airlines, passengers, airport staff, law enforcement, and governments, share an interest in protecting and promoting airport security. This commitment to security is standard operating procedure at the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon. But for the Saskatoon Airport Authority, the multiyear airport expansion initiative compounds the daily security challenges shared by all large, busy metropolitan airports. With construction vehicles and workers arriving and departing the site all day, every day, security becomes an even higher, yet more complex priority. Against this backdrop, the SAA undertook a search for a security partner.


Commissionaires won the three year security contract in 2011, and has been exceeding expectations ever since. There are 24 Commissionaires onsite handling a broad range of security operations including:

  • Coordinating curbside passenger pick-up and drop-off
  • Managing the parking kiosks
  • Staffing the customer information desk
  • Monitoring onsite security cameras
  • Securing the construction site, including supervising the entry and exit of contractors’ personnel and vehicles.

In short, Commissionaires are on the ground across the airport property, ensuring they have eyes everywhere.

“The Commissionaires brand is well known nationally,” noted Richard Jasieniuk, Manager, Public Safety and Risk at the SAA. “The Commissionaires onsite always bring professionalism, courtesy, and a can-do attitude to their responsibilities and to their interactions with the public. Even the uniform seems to put people at ease.”

Commissionaires staff the public information counters at the Diefenbaker Airport, becoming customer service ambassadors as well as providing the more traditional security services. This is particularly important while the significant construction project continues. The completion of the airport expansion in 2014 will see a doubling of the airport’s floor space, and a significant increase in passenger traffic, adding to the already considerable security challenges.


Commissionaires has provided 24 hour security at the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon since September, 2011. Client satisfaction is the most important result, and Richard Jasieniuk, Commissionaire’s client at the SAA, is more than satisfied. Beyond Commissionaires’ professional and dependable performance, he is impressed with the versatile, value-added service, specifically associated with the demands of the construction project that will double the size of the airport upon completion.

“In the end, consistency is important in any business. But in security, consistency is critical. Commissionaires have always delivered reliable and consistent security services, and that leads to credibility,” said Richard Jasieniuk. “We’re proud to have them as an important partner.” Commissionaires looks forward to many years of service to the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon.