Commissionaires Great Lakes has been providing security services to government and commercial clients since 1925. Drawing on more than 90 years’ experience in protecting Canadians and their property, our unique combination of knowledge and integrity has made us Canada’s most trusted security partner. We plan and methodically execute tailored solutions to meet our corporate clients’ specific requirements.


Because we are governed by a social mandate as a not-for-profit organization, we pursue prospective clients where there is a strong degree of organizational alignment and shared common values.

Our value proposition is rooted in a simple idea that being caring and compassionate organization towards our Commissionaires will translate to exceptional service delivery and strong customer satisfaction while ensuring we recover our costs to deliver the service.


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Our reliable security guarding services keep airports, sea ports, government, colleges/universities, hospitals, and other commercial enterprises safe.


Our identification services, process serving, investigative services, and housewatch services are available to individuals within the Southern Ontario area. From fingerprinting and records suspensions, to missing persons and infidelity investigations, we provide a wide range of services to the general public.