Commissionaire Investigators are highly trained and experienced in all manner of surveillance operations. Experts in emersion and infiltration operations, Commissionaires take surveillance to the next level. Detailed planning, technology and experience provide clients with the best possible information, allowing them to make well informed decisions. 

Insurance Fraud continues to be a serious problem. False insurance claims are filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider. Organized insurance crime continues to cost insurers, policyholders and Canadians over $1 billion a year. Commissionaire Investigators use a variety of investigation methods to ensure that insurance providers have the complete picture, and can take informed and appropriate action.

Investigating a spouse can become an emotionally trying event. Our main goal within the Commissionaires Investigations Division is to bring our clients piece of mind so that they may move ahead with their lives without any more emotional burden. Our spousal services are highly confidential, professional and affordable. 

Retail environments suffer dynamic loss on a daily basis, from both external shoplifting as well as internal organized theft. The cost to retailers can be quite substantial. Our highly trained and motivated Retail Specialists are also able to assist clients in the civil recovery process, allowing them some return from criminal activities. 

Undercover investigation can help to resolve difficult situations, such as theft, substance abuse, and any other form of misconduct or crime. Undercover workplace operations are employee-interactive and provide first hand intelligence and evidence concerning suspected employees. Our Investigators have the training and experience in all manner of undercover tactics and deployment, from a basic infiltration to high risk operations. 

An investigator deployed on a surveillance assignment can pinpoint specific movement timings and a vast array of other vital information by utilizing time lapse observations. Capture time lapse services are usually conducted prior to the commencement of a deployed investigator, and can save clients substantial cost.