We go over all relevant work performed on a specific case, including latent fingerprints and statements, and illuminate areas which may lead to more specific answers. Utilization of forensic mitochondrial DNA analysis of hair shafts and naturally shed hairs is a further tool aiding in the investigation of cold cases. 

We have extensive experience providing safety for a wide range of VIP’s. Threats could include kidnapping, extortion and actual direct threats against an individual’s safety. Protective measures go beyond the traditional body guard function, as we also take preventative measures to secure home and workplace safety. 

The word “noise” means any “unwanted sound”. Environmental Noise is the noise in an outdoor environment caused by transport (e.g. motor vehicles, aircrafts, and trains), industry (e.g. machines) and recreational activities (e.g. music). We perform surveys which will give legitimacy to the application of specific noise barriers. We also monitor social events to ensure they remain in compliance with municipal guidelines.