The Great Lakes Commissionaires have extensive training and background in public and private sector investigations. From helping individuals trace a missing loved one to supporting your business in due diligence and litigation services, our investigative team are highly trained individuals with RCMP and military backgrounds. Commissionaires Investigators will, literally and figuratively, leave no stone unturned. 

Whether aiding in a missing persons search, or skiptracing debtors, Commissionaires expert investigation team can help. The ability to locate an individual depends on several issues: the length of time elapsed, the resources available, and the geographic area you are searching. Our team utilizes all available resources to facilitate your search. 

Combating the rising tide of white collar crime demands presenting a strong case in court. Strong cases start with strong investigations. Commissionaire Investigators are highly skilled and can help you prepare and mount stronger cases for your clients in the personal, corporate or labour arenas. 

Ensure your employees, contractors, suppliers and joint venture partners are not putting your company in financial or legal risk. Commissionaire Investigators will conduct research to identify any potential threats posed.  

Counterfeit products costs the Canadian economy $7 billion annually. Commissionaires can help your business combat counterfeit products by introducing internal anti-counterfeiting programs, monitoring illegal internet activity, providing analytical charts that identify relationships and patterns critical to understanding a case, and by directly investigating individuals involved in counterfeiting.