One Year Anniversary

On Monday October 16, 2017 Commissionaires Great Lakes office staff stepped in to a new chapter and a new location. While our culture is rooted in the past, times have changed and we take this opportunity to celebrate where we have been and where our future is taking us.
Started in 1925, with 6 Commissionaires renting space at 11 Wellington Street East in downtown Toronto we moved to 80 Church Street (then listed as 78 Church Street) in 1943.  Moving into a Heritage building, which had been the home of various financial institutions, was rather appropriate but by the time we hit the current decade things were getting crowded, despite having expanded into 82 Church.
In 2017 we finally found a building that would fit us and help take us forward, at 2947 Portland Drive in Oakville.
As we have expanded and provide new tools for employees, we also expand and modernize not just our office space but our offerings to clients. Please feel free to come by and say hello or to inquire about what we can do for you! 
For a deeper look in to our history, you can purchase “The Commissionaires, An Organization With a Proud History” (covering 1925-1998) from booksellers including