Commissionaires provides peace of mind by offering residential mobile response that’s as fast as it is affordable. Our experienced team is comprised of former RCMP and military professionals, who are fully trained in residential security services. Don’t take risks with your property when you are away from home. Whether your life takes you away for a day, or for long-term trips, our professionally trained staff will ensure that your home is secure and looks lived in until your return. 

Even the best alarm systems monitored 24/7 for break-ins require a back-up if the alarm goes off when you are out. A theft can occur quickly, sometimes sooner than police can respond to the alarm.

Commissionaires’ residential mobile response team, comprised of former military and RCMP personnel, are available 24/7 to respond quickly and affordably to alarm calls in person.


In the event of an alarm response, the Commissionaires Great Lakes mobile response team will:

  • Enter your home during an alarm when others are afraid to do so.
  • Perform thorough external and internal inspections, and prepare an incident report and then re-secure your home.
  • Coordinate with police as required (e.g., to carry out a break-and-entry investigation).
  • Add high-quality deadbolts to your doors.
  • Stay at your home after an alarm call until your home is fully secure.


Did you know that a vacant home can leave you uninsured? Many homeowners are not aware that standard house insurance frequently does not cover damages incurred while the house is left vacant and uninspected regularly. Our residential home security monitoring service can provide you with regularly scheduled house visits required by your insurance provider.

Our Commissionaires will visit your home and:

  • Make it look lived in (vary lighting and drapes, collect mail, flyers and newspapers).
  • Ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling, hydro, water and pipes).
  • Check for damages (broken windows, blocked drains, etc).